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What They Say

"After attending a PeteZeria catered event as a guest and then hiring PZ for a recent gathering, I am witness that all things good exit from their wood-fired mobile oven. Great staff vibe too."

~R. Sutton, CEO, Plus 3 Network

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Belmont, CA 94002

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Common Questions


What days and times do you offer for parties?

Our days available to cater are currently Saturdays and Sundays​ with the occasional Fridays- if event starts after 5pm.

We are able to cater morning, afternoon, and evening parties on Saturdays and Sundays.


We do not offer weekday (Monday-Thursday) events. No exceptions. 

Do you cater events where you sell by slice/whole personal pizza?

Unfortunately, no. We are strictly a buffet style service only. We have found this works best for all patrons.

I only have 15 people coming to my party, will my price be lower?

$1,775 is our set starting price that ensures food cost, travel fees, etc are being met. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you do children's parties?

​Absolutely! Like most Italians, we are all about family and love children. 

We are more than happy to help kids become a "Chef for a Day" while they create their own pizza masterpieces!  Check out our gallery and contact us for more information about this fun addition.

Do you offer vegan options? What about gluten free?

We absolutely offer vegan options! Our Pizza di Patate is our most popular vegan option that is on our menu, but we can provide vegan cheese to turn any of our other vegetarian pizzas vegan. (Such as the Margherita, Cheese, Asparago, and Fiorentina.) Please request ahead of time as vegan cheese is a specialty item that we do not bring to every event.

If you or your guest(s) avoid gluten as a dietary choice, we can provide gluten free doughs at an additional fee upon prior request as it is a specialty item that we do not bring to every event.

Unfortunately, if you or your guest(s) are allergic to gluten, such as celiac, we are unable to provide pizzas as there is no way to prevent cross contamination with the flour used. We are so sorry!

Do you offer other items such as charcuterie boards or fruit trays?

No we do not. We often recommend you to not go over board on appetizers and snacks for your event. While we love to see a gorgeous spread on a table, we find that hosts tend to have a lot of leftovers with the addition of the pizza being served. We want you to be able to enjoy your party and leave the main food up to us! That being said, we do not want to discourage from additional appetizers or items, especially if the guest of honor has a specific favorite goodie.

Do you offer dessert?
We do not offer dessert but our daughter who works majority of the events is a professionally trained pastry chef and has often provided baked goods for events we are also catering. She offers cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. Please give her a call/text at 650-293-7711, send her an email at or check out her Instagram Campfire_Cakes

What are your most popular pizzas?
So hard to pick! Each of our staff will say they have a different favorite pizza,  and while all of our menu items have been carefully crafted over the years to only have the best of the best on our menu we do notice a trend in popularity.
While every party is different in terms of themes, guests, and other food items being served, we have noticed that popular menu selections of new clients and repeat clients are the Margherita,  Soprano, Pizza Di Patate, Funghi, Fiorentina, and Thai Garlic Chicken.  

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